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Brockman's - Premium Gin

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Producer Brockman's
Style Gin
Sku P-24504

Brockman's Description

History of Brockmans Gin: Brockmans was created with a single goal: To be a gin like no other. Brockmans is an independent English gin company set up by the founding partners, Neil Everitt and Bob Fowkes together with two other friends. With over 60 years combined experience in the drinks industry and a wealth of knowledge in gin distillation, they set out to write a new chapter in this famous English spirit's history. In their words, “the aim was to create a gin so smooth and sensual, you would want to drink it neat over ice”.

About Brockmans Gin: Brockmans is slowly distilled in a 100-year-old traditional copper still, the distinctive gin notes derived from Brockmans unique recipe deliver an exquisite intensely smooth gin, with a uniquely defining sensual taste experience. It stands proudly alone from the many other types of gin due to its recipe of exquisite botanicals and the patient steeping distillation process.

Flavors of Brockmans Gin: Brockmans unique mixture of eleven different naturally grown aromatic botanicals are steeped in pure grain spirit for many hours to release their natural oils and aromas. The more traditional notes of gin are combined with a refreshing influence of citrus and aromatic wild berries. Bulgarian coriander plays its part, providing an aromatic, gingery orange top note. This combination blends perfectly with the soft and rounded harmonies of blueberries and blackberries, all of which is supported by the bottom note of Tuscan juniper berries. Dry, bittersweet Valencian orange peel elongates the deeper tones and gives an intensely smooth finish.

Botanicals: Juniper-From Tuscany, Italy: grown wild, their beautiful juniper spice gives perfume-y notes to the gin, with hints of pine and lavender; Blueberries-From northern Europe: a unique an original addition of blueberries provides a dry fruity smoothness and wonderfully formal aroma; Almonds-From Spain: the oil from these bitter almonds help to unite all other wonderful ingredients in the gin recipe, providing smoothness; Blackberries-From various parts of northern Europe: they provide a deep perfume-y aroma and rich roundness to the taste; Licorice-From China: traditional licorice sticks are important in gin distilling, providing light woody aromas and sweetness on the palate; Lemon peel-From Murcia, Spain: particularly lemony tang in the lemon rind, adds a zesty citrus and refreshing brightness; Coriander-From Bulgaria: large coriander seeds that provide a combination of spicy sage and citrus notes; Angelica-From Belgium and Saxony: these angelica spices provide earthier notes to give a sophisticated, dry gin edge; Orange peel-From Murcia, Spain: sweet orange zest aromas, fragrant, fruity, and soft on the palate; Orris-From Italy: Orris is the root of the iris flower and provides floral notes with a hint of violet. Orris root also helps to unite all the other elements together; Cassia bark-From southeast Asia: often used in spiced gin, warm cinnamon notes but softer in aroma.

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